Terms and Conditions

Contact person for matters concerning the Register

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Grounds for keeping the Register

Personal data are processed on the basis of a contractual customer relationship or other material connection or with the consent of the data subject.

Purpose of processing personal data and customer register

The data subject's personal data are processed for the maintenance, management and development of customer relationships related to the services, analysis, statistics and the production, provision and development of services.
The customer data contained in the register may be used for direct advertising or other direct marketing by the registrar or other similar addressed deliveries, as well as for targeting online marketing.

Description of registered groups

The person has or has had a customer relationship, or an application or offer has been made to establish a customer relationship.

Content of the Customer Register

Data belonging to following groups can be processed in the Customer Register:
  • basic information of the data subject such as name, date of birth, postal address, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, means of payment[onkomuita?],
  • information regarding contractual customer relationship or other relevant connection and information on the use of the services,
  • information on direct marketing permissions and restrictions,
  • information on communication related to customer service situations,
  • other information describing customer management.

Regular sources of information in the Customer Register

Personal data are collected from the data subject themselves in connection with registration, when using the service or otherwise. Personal data can also be gathered and updated from the Population Information System and other similar public and private registers.

Regular disclosures

Personal data will be disclosed to the authorities and similar bodies in accordance with the legislation in force.
The data may be disclosed to third parties who have a contractual relationship with the controller and who are involved in or related to the implementation of the service provided by the controller for the data subject.
In addition, the data may be disclosed to the controller's partners for marketing purposes, unless the data subject has prohibited this.

Data transfer outside the EU or the European Economic Area

Personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Principles of customer register protection

The processing of personal data follows good data management practices and the duty of care and protection in accordance with data protection legislation.

The processing shall take the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access and against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, transfer or other unlawful processing.

Access to personal data is restricted to those persons who, in the course of their work, need to process personal data.

The data processed digitally are stored in databases that are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. Paper files are stored in locked spaces.

Storage period or storage criteria for personal data

Personal data shall be kept only for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which the personal data are processed. Erasure times and erasure policies are defined, andoutdated and unnecessary personal information is erased. The obligation to retain personal data may also be determined by law.

Rights of the data subject

The data subject has the right to verify his or her personal data stored in the register. The request for verification must be sent in writing and signed to the contact person in the register described above. A request for verification may also be made to the controller at the address given above.

The data subject has the right to request the rectification of incorrect data concerning them.

The data subject also has the right in certain situations to erase personal data concerning them from the register and to request their transfer to another data controller.

The data subject has the right to prohibit the use of the data for direct advertising, distance selling or other direct marketing, as well as opinion and market research.

Electronic direct marketing may be addressed to the data subject provided that the data subject has given their consent. The data subject has the right to withdraw their consent at any time.

A potential disagreement will be resolved primarily in consultation with the data subject. The data subject also has the right to refer a matter concerning the processing of personal data to the Data Protection Authority.

A potential disagreement will be resolved primarily in consultation with the data subject. The data subject also has the right to refer a matter concerning the processing of personal data to the Data Protection Authority.